The Growth of SD-WAN: 7 Benefits for Your Enterprise Network

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It’s becoming clear that the technology of traditional enterprise networks can’t keep up in the era of cloud, IoT, and an expanding network edge. For enterprises to thrive and compete in the digital age requires a network capable of agile and boundless connectivity. […]

Overcoming Network Agility Roadblocks with SDN for Manufacturing Enterprises

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The movement to creating Smart Factories through manufacturing automation and streamlined data exchange is changing the way things are being made, and software-defined networking is at the forefront of network technologies enabling this transformation. […]

Cisco DNA Center: Reducing Human Error with Automatic Provisioning

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Cisco has been dominating the networking market for several decades now and this phenomenon promises to continue with its new “revolutionary” intent-based network. It’s revolutionary because it automates most of the manually intensive processes required to operate current networks. This means that engineers who are familiar with a cryptic command line interface don’t have to keep [...]

The Future Network: Using Machine Learning to Identify Malware

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In the world of cyber security, experts are excited by the fact that they will be able to detect malware in encrypted traffic. It hasn’t been done before and is only possible now because of the emergence of Cisco’s intuitive network. Malware detection is achieved through continuous Machine Learning (ML) on [...]

An Overview of Intuitive Networks

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Our partner and industry leader, Cisco, recently announced that an entirely new era of networking had just begun. When the tech giant previously claimed to be years ahead of their networking competitors, they were actually referring to their new network intuitive initiative. This new technology is primarily designed to take advantage [...]